Maruti Suzuki Swift

₹ 750000
Play and win  car 

Suzuki Swift 

 unique FUND and win  MARUTI SUZUKI SWIFT 

Swiftfor win

कैसे खेले //

लॉगइन या रजिस्टर करें// funding केटेगरी (Suzuki Swift)

से प्रोडक्ट चुने //और यूनिक फंड करें

उदाहरण 9.10 9.11 9.99  याद रखें आपके

वॉलेट के अंदर  पर्याप्त बैलेंस होना चाहिए

वॉलेट में बैलेंस नहीं होने पर आप

यह गेम नहीं खेल सकते इसलिए वॉलेट में mony ऐड

करें अगर आपका फंड यूनिक होगा

(ऐसा fund जो किसी ने पहले नहीं लगाया हो )

आप विजेता होगी my डैशबोर्ड से बैलेंस और

इतिहास आदि चेक कर सकते हैं याद रखें

जैसे जैसे आप यूनिक fund करेंगे आपके

वॉलेट से पैसे Mines  होते रहेंगे

मिनिमम मैक्सिमम के अनुसार fund  करें

how to paly

 login or register. Select product fro

funding category () and make a unique fund

.  Your fund will be unique

(a fund that no one has invested before), you will be the winner. You can check the balance and history etc

. from my dashboard, remember as you are with the unique fund.  To fund it said will continue to do business with the money Mines in accordance with minimum maximum

Stay away from fake website

 Always check domain name and logo

 Avoid sharing your confidential information

 Like otp pin password Bank detail or. Okgaj's team do not ask

for money by calling from any user, so be careful if's name.  If you do not ask for money, you will be responsible.

 We send sei marketing notification

. Do not ask for money from anyone.

 The payment is just to do website.

 So beware of wrong information

 Remember your unique skills are yours

, so stay away from wrong software and


Funding game

  how to play

 Register first or login

 Choose the product of the funding category and make a fund that no one has made, remember that while adding funds, add money inside your wallet and you can pay upi


 Phone pe

 Nat Banking

 Debit card

 Other options are available.

Remember  To win you have to have a unique fund

 Example 10 .5




 If your fund will be unique

 Get reward related to Okgaj

 Post on social media with #okgajwin and share information about okgaj.  Lucy winner will get iphone

 The winner will be announced on our social media.

 Follow us #okgajwin

This website about is an Indian website and it is completely legal in full, this website does not come in any kind of gambling lottery etc.

 The service (game) in this website

 He is legally correct

 If any.  Anyone has any objection from this website.  please contact me

Phone :+916375698318





Note: Your donation will donate to this campaign, and we give a product to unique donators.

Winner: Roshan

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Roshan , 10 Apr, 2020 - 04:01 PM

Roshan , 10 Apr, 2020 - 04:08 PM

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